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About us

Company Profile

Way2Invest is a private investment conglomerate dedicated to investment education and philanthropy. We teach people how to build true wealth and attain financial freedom.  Our network consists of people who want to live beyond the trappings of debt and employment and enjoy the fruits of free enterprise. They include successful business owners, entrepreneurs, C-level executives, active and retired professional athletes, entertainers, and lottery winners looking for investment opportunities and ways to help others.

W2I does not recommend, sell nor market financial services of any kind to the public.  Our private network makes investments that contribute to the greater good of humanity.  Members are directly connected to resources around the globe that assist in funding projects, advancing emerging technologies and supporting entrepreneurs.


Primarily, W2I focuses on humanitarian projects in the areas of fintech, artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, holistic wellness, wastewater treatment and renewable energy. Our strong networking community of strategic partners creates and maintains wealth and freedom collectively through these efforts.

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