Thank you for submitting your funding account information.

To verify that the bank account that you’ve linked to NAV Distribution Fund belongs to you, we require that you confirm two small amounts that NDF will deposit and then withdraw from your bank account.

If you need assistance at any point during the bank verification process, feel free to contact us at

Confirm Your Payroll Microdeposits

When you link your bank account during application or if you change your funding account, we will send two small microdeposits to your bank account to confirm that it belongs to you. To verify your account:

  1. Check your bank account on the next business day. The microdeposits will not appear in your bank account until the next business day.

  2. Look for two small deposits (less than $1.00) on your bank statement or transaction history.

  3. Send an email to your NDF coordinator with the two amounts using subject heading "Verification deposits"

  4. Allow 7 to 10 days for the changes to be reflected in the NDF system.

If the amounts emailed match the deposits sent by NDF, the system will update and no further action is required. If the amounts entered do not match what NDF sent, you will receive email instructions to repeat the process.

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